Kindred South Marin was the best place my Mother could have been. Dr. Evelyn Nakagawa & her staff were outstanding! The facility was clean & with large rooms. Mom was challenging in her last days however Dr. Nakagawa & her team rose to the occasion. Every detail & care was taken to address our concerns. Dr. Nakagawa put forth a lot of effort and loving care in which her research, follow up, attention to detail & her heart were involved in caring for my Mother. Mom & I spent time in the Kindred court yard enjoying the sunshine, fresh air & shaded areas. I will always recommend Kindred South Marin & its exemplary staff.


I had my dad at Kindred facility for approx 3 months.  I can't thank the staff enough for their dedication, hard work and professionalism.  My dad had a severe back fracture and was in a lot of pain. Everyone tried to make his stay as comfortable as possible.  I want to thank everyone  (the cleaning crew, assistant nurses, nurses, physical and occupational therapists,his doctor, case manger, social workers, cooking crew, management,..)They are all awesome!!!! This is by far the best rehab facility around.  Thanks to his physical and occupational therapists my dad got a second chance. THANK YOU ALL!


My grandmother was recently at Kindred South Marin and got GREAT care and rehab from the fine staff at the facility.  The administrator visited her each and every day and the therapy staff was wonderful.  A big kudos also to the nurses and CNA's who are the backbone to the facility!  great job to everyone there and I highly recommend Kindred South Marin to anyone who needs care.


After a complicated spinal fusion surgery I was taken to recoup at Kindred South.  The facility was spotless and housekeeping came through on a regular basis.  The nurses were very professional but more than anything else, the quality of the rehabilitative care was exceptional.  Several times during the day I was scheduled for physical and occupational therapy.  They not only worked with my muscles to keep me from wasting away but had me practice the multiple physical techniques required to keep me from injuring myself and optimize the surgery outcome.  I was taught everything from how to put on my shoes and socks, how to walk, climb stairs, maintain my balance and pick up objects on the ground in a way that would protect the delicate hardware in my back.  But they went further.  They showed me how to cook for myself and do the simple activities of daily living. They even included doing cognitive therapy to measure my mental skills and make sure I was safe to manage by myself after my discharge.  The discharge planning included conferences with nurses, physical and occupational therapists and my in home support service person. They offered me multiple resources once I got home to assist me. Before my discharge they came to my home to observe my living situation in order to eliminate any hazards around the house. They also did a great job of wound care and changed my dressings and medicated my incision on a regular basis.  As a CNA I am familiar with virtually every skilled nursing facility in Marin County and would highly recommend Kindred South as the place most likely to expedite recovery and take loving care of your family members.


My father entered Kindred Southern Marin to rehab from a fall. That afternoon, a physical therapist did an assessment and began working with him. The physical and occupational therapy staff were excellent, adjusting the intensity of his daily sessions to his energy that day, but not letting him slack off. One morning, he was too tired for his session, but when the physical therapist saw him up sitting up later that day, she pulled him into the gym for a session. Had he not had medical issues beyond anyone's control, I'm confident Dad could have rehabilitated enough to come home. Nursing care was variable. Dad's favorite CNA JC was attentive to every detail when she got him ready to go out for appointments and immediately greeting him when he returned and helped him settle back in.  I had to ask others to give Dad a shower, a diaper change or help brushing up and cleaning his dentures regularly. Some of the RN's were on top of everything while another kept saying she doesn't work there regularly and seemed lost. Food service was also variable. On one of the first nights there, Dad enjoyed a special monthly dinner - good food complete with musical entertainment. Other meals were flavorless or too tough to chew. The multi tasking administrative staff were helpful with many aspects of Dad's stay.  During my initial visit, Shea immediately gave me a tour the facility and later helped find his lost laundry. Brent took time to answer my questions about Medicare insurance and jumped in to help Dad's roommate when he needed assistance urgently. The superstar of Kindred is attending physician Evelyn Nakagawa who more than compensated for any deficiencies at the facility. I've never met anyone so kind, caring and dedicated to her patients. She was very accessible and always took time to keep me appraised on Dad's conditions. When she saw that appointments had not been made to specialists she had referred my father to, she took matters in her own hands, personally made the appointments and called me to let me know. When Dad was vomiting, she went by the facility late at night to check on him. When she heard that Dad was going to the emergency room, she showed up at the ER carrying a stack of papers - copies of previous hospital records, recent lab results and a medication administration record from Kindred which helped the ER doctors. Unbelievable! To give her 5 stars is an understatement. Overall, Dad was comfortable at Kindred. One of the first things he asked after being admitted to the hospital was - when can I go back to Kindred?


My mother is in this facility and she has improved greatly during her stay.  Dr. Nakagawa is extremely knowledgeable and always takes time to offer advice and to answer questions patiently and thoroughly.  The entire staff is kind, attentive and professional and really have gone "the extra mile" every step of the way.  The facility is super clean, well lit and offers a common dining room, individual TVs and several outdoor sitting areas.   I feel so reassured that my mom is in this facility.